Gleann Cholm Cille is a remarkable locale with plenty of ways to spend your time. We have gathered together some information for you and hope you enjoy your time in Glen.


"Stories from Fisher Folk" - Ghleanncholmcille

"We have been coming to Glencolmcille for the past five years, mainly for fishing but we also enjoy the craic in Biddy's and Roarty's at night and heaps of good in Sean Scoil in Meenaneary. We mainly go to two harbours - one at Malin Mór , the other at Malin Béag.

The harbour at Malin Mór is identified as angling on the map and is the 2nd right turn past the Glencolmcille Hotel on the road from Glencolmcille to Malin Béag. You need to park carefully at the top and there is a steep walk down to the actual pier. There are two sides that you can fish from or if you are feeling brave, climb over the rocks for a prime spot.

We have mostly caught pollack and coalfish from this point from 1 lb - 7 1/2 lbs. Bigger fish in warmer weather. During May 2006 we caught two large Conger eels in the middle of a sunny day. We have also caught mackerel and once large snapper. Float fishing is best here due to the rocks and seaweed. Spinning is also great fun and pollack love silver spinners.

The harbour at Malin Béag is identified as "pier" on the map and is the last right turn before the Silver Strand beach. The pier is accessed by a series of very steep stone steps, so be sure to take everything you need with you! This harbour is built into a natural shelter so even on rough days it is comfortable to fish here.

Again we catch mostly pollack and coalfish (52 in two hours one night) but we have also caught loads of mackerel, snapper, wrasse and once the evil, poisonous weaver fish. When night fishing we usually set up a line for conger eel at the end of the slipway. There are usually plenty of dogfish around in September.

Kids enjoy spinning here, but ledgering and float fishing will get great results. Night fishing is easy here as the public lighting overhead illuminates the pier, then you just need a hurricane lamp nearby for baiting up.

The Silver Strand is also supposed to be great for beach fishing but as yet we have never ventured down all those steps.

For variety, we sometimes go to Teelin pier, which is easily found on the mpa. Spin or float direclty off the end of the pier for flatties. Founder, sole and crabs are got off the sandy bottom. You can ledger or bottom mfish over the high pier wall. You will get mackeral at the right time of the year and the usual pollack or wrasse and coalfish. Again, night fishing is easy here because of the public lighting. One of the locals told us that you can get conger off the old part of the pier wall, but we didn't have time to try.

Even on a bad day, fishing around Glencolmcille is enjoyable. The scenery is fantastic and the locals always come for a chat and with some advice and hints. There is just no place better!" (