Gleann Cholm Cille is a remarkable locale with plenty of ways to spend your time. We have gathered together some information for you and hope you enjoy your time in Glen.


Halla Muire

Halla Mhuire, was Fr McDyer's first major project in Gleann Cholm Cille. He worked alongside local volunteers and completed the building in twelve weeks in the winter of 1953. Before the advent of television in the 1970s, Halla Mhuire was the centre of social life in Gleann Cholm Cille and it remains a regular venue for plays, céilithe and bingo games. When the community hosted An tOireachtas, the national festial of Irish culture in 1989, several competitions were held there.

To commenorate the area's musical heritage, the commmunity chose a stone from Mósaí Mac Fhionnlaoich's forge at Loch Inse as the foundation stone of Halla Mhuire.


Halla Muire has undergone extensive renovations in the past few years. This work was carried out mainly by participants of Community Employment Schemes (FÁS).

These schemes were sponsored by Cumann Drámaiíochte Ghleanncholmcile and were funded by FÁS, Roinn na Gaeltahta, local fundraising and drama productions.

The main improvements to the hall have been:

  • Dry lining of walls
  • Replacement of floor and stairs in the balcony area.
  • New stage floor
  • Refurbishment of toilets
  • Conversion of cloakroom for use as a meeting room.
  • New extension - classroom (used by Naíonra), toilets and kitchen.
  • Development of backstage area and basement.

Fr McDyer was a great lover of drama and culture and when plays were being drawn up for Halla Muire he was very insistent that there should be a large stage to accommodate plays and concerts.

Some of the tradesmen working on the building of the hall thought it was a waste of valuable space. Fr McDyer's vision, however, proved a success as numerous plays produced locally and by travelling groups would have been impossible to perform on a smaller stage.