Glencolmcille Landscape

Sliabh Liag Sea Cliffs

Sliabh a'Liag - The Mountain of the Flagstones

Sliabh a'liag dominates the lower half of the Glen river valley. Geologists tell us that the Sliabh a'Liag - pronounced "Slieve League" cliff rocks were laid down on the bottom of a long vanished ocean half a billion years ago.

During a visit to Bunglass (Bunglas or Carrigan Head) the stresses and strains the area has been subject to can be seen.

Sliabh Liag / Slieve League sea cliffs are the highest cliffs in Europe at 900ft (300m). The highest point on the Sliabh a Liag cliffs is marked at 1,972 ft or 600 metres. If you have a good head for heights there is an incredibly beautiful walk from Bunglas to Malinbeg near Glencolmcille.

One Man's Pass, Slieve League, Donegal

The Sliabh Liag cliffs drop straight down to the wild Atlantic waves below. The One Man's pass walk is not for the faint hearted with spectacular and impressive scenery right along the cliffs. To reach the starting point for this walk, take the dramatic 6 km drive beyond Teelin to Bunglas Point along roads with hairpin bends and steep drops to the sea. One Man's Pass overlooks the Loughs and the steep slopes above the lake provide a unique habitat which has identified by the wildlife conservation as an area of international scientific interest for bird and plant life.

There is a viewpoint that can be reached by a very narrow road called One Man's Path that departs from the village of Teelin. Nevertheless it is better to leave the car and walk the 2-3 km to the cliffs so as not to miss the spectacular scenery of the area.

From the viewing point there are terrific views across Donegal Bay towards the mountains of Sligo and Mayo. To the west is the North Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. To the North West is Rathlin O'Byrne island and Glencolmcille. A short walk will take you to the right of the amazing cliff face of Bunglas which rises over 306m above the ocean. Bunglas literally means end of the cliff.

Nuala Star Teelin

Sightseeing boat trips along the Slieve League cliffs with Nuala Star Teelin are available.


Slieve League sea cliffs, Donegal